Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clue(less) Committee

As you know, we're running a Silver Sandy Scavenger Search each week, in which we hide a bobblehead at a secret location somewhere in Brooklyn.

We're only in our second week, and there's already been a bit of friction caused in the office.  The first week's clue was derided as "too easy" (which it probably was), and spawned the creation of the "Clue Committee" (which consists of one member...we'll call him the Cluemaster).

The second week's clues were deciphered in a whopping TWO days, and the Cluemaster is now boasting about his "success."

He considers himself an evil genius rivaled only by the inimitable Edward Nigma.

Here's the problem...his clues made no sense.  All they did was spell out the answer in two days, instead of letting someone actually figure out the clue in one.  Take a look:

Week One
  • Coney Island's "sweet spot" (Williams Candy)
Week Two
  • Float like a butterfly... (sting like a bee)
  • Eating one a day keeps the doctor away (apple)
  • "Apple" + "Bee" = Applebee's
OK, so what happened here was that Week Two's clues were just as easy, but they needed to be joined together for anyone to be able to get it.  Clue #1 by itself was not difficult to decipher...it was impossible.  Cyclones fans were flocking to Gleason's Gym and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, searching for Monarch Butterflies or Muhammed Ali!

Using the Cluemaster's theory, Week One's clues should have been "thing you sign before you die" and "popular brand of pet food."

What will Week Three's clues be?  "Starts with the first letter of the alphabet,"  "followed by the 16th letter of the alphabet," and so on until it's finally spelled out?

The real pros give you a clue that can actually be figured out, even if it takes a brilliant (or crazy) mind to do so...take a look.
I am weightless, but you can see me.  Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter.  What am I?  

A hole. 
Now that's a riddle!

Maybe I'm just bitter because I was banished from the Clue Committee after Week One's debacle, but riddle me this...if you were strapped to a bomb and waiting for Batman to save you, wouldn't you want there to at least be a chance he'd find you on the first day?

-- Dave

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Jersey? Sure!" Jersey

We finalized the design for our July 21st "Jersey? Sure!" giveaway jersey, and it looks great!  

This is definitely going to be one of the hottest items of the summer!

-- Dave