Friday, April 30, 2010

We Talkin' 'Bout PRACTICE!

Well, that didn't take long.  I told you someone would do something silly enough to make fun of soon.  I just didn't think it would be the very same day.  And I didn't think it'd be an entire office.

In anticipation of an interoffice softball game against the clearly superior West Wing in the next couple of weeks, the Ticket Office held a practice session after work yesterday.  Practice.  For an office softball game.  Practice.  For slow-pitch softball.  Practice?!  We talkin' 'bout PRACTICE!

I'm not sure if I should salute their competitive spirit or ridicule them.  I've decided to go with the latter.

Thanks to a certain high-profile scouting connection I have with the Brooklyn/Staten Island Greater Scouting Bureau of Professional Scouts of the Tri-State/Metro Region's Associate Division of People Who Scout, I have acquired top-secret scouting footage of yesterday's T.O. softball practice, which I will now share with the world:

I have to admit...the sheer speed and ferocity of the athletes involved made it hard for the naked eye to even capture most of the action.  So I've slowed this one down:

Keep practicing, T.O.  You're gonna need it!

-- Dave

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

I know, I's been a while.  I'm sorry.  Between Silver Sandy, "Tickets on Sale" ads, Facebook, the media guide, dominating Pictionary performances, and the fact that I barely know anyone that works here anymore (the small pox epidemic hit us hard), blog content has fallen by the wayside a bit.

But that all ends today.  It's time to get this well-oiled machine back on track, and get you back behind the scenes with the people that make it all happen (as soon as I figure out who's who).

I am officially declaring the "Great Blog Content Drought of '10" over and done.  Wally Backman will be in town this weekend for the kick-off of tickets going on sale, we have a softball game lined up (and lots of smack talk going on) between the West Wing and the mysterious beings on the other side of the building Ticket Office in the next few weeks, and I'm sure someone will do something silly enough for me to make fun of in no time at all.

So stay tuned, because the Blog is coming back strong (and no one will be safe from its wrath)!

-- Dave

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to The Vortex

Have you ever been in a crowded room and there's one particular voice that your ears just seem to zero in on?  When that happens, you're stuck in The Vortex, and you can't get out.  No matter what you do, that one voice is all you can seem to focus on.  You're trapped, and there's simply no escape.  It echoes in your head, ringing 'round and 'round, and if you don't get away (or find a way to shake it), it'll slowly drive you insane.

Those of us in the Cyclones' West Wing have been lost in The Vortex since...oh, say, early February or so.

And now, we'd like to welcome you to The Vortex:

-- Dave 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vote for Your Favorite Cyclones

We unveiled the nominees for our 10-Year Team today, and have invited fans to vote for their favorites.

Everyone has their personal favorites for different reasons, and it's always fun to look back at some of the good times we've all shared as we look forward to our 10th season this summer.

Who's your favorite player, and why?  Did you watch Ross Peeples dominate the NYPL en route to the team's lone championship?  Did your child get an autograph from Bobby Malek?  Were you cheering for Brad Holt when he set the strikeout record?  Did you guess that Ike Davis would be a major-league prospect?  

Every player on this list has made his mark on Cyclones fans in one way or another.  We'll be celebrating the 10-Year Team throughout the season, and might even incorporate them into some surprise promotions, so cast your vote today, and let us know who you'd pencil into the lineup for your personal all-time team!

-- Dave