Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best. Season. Ever

This year’s promotions and entertainment will be better than ever. Why can I make such an emphatic statement when the season is still a few months away? Because I’m asking you, the fan, what it is you’d like to see this summer. And who knows what you like better than you? After I hear from you, the answer will be simple: me.

My goal this season is to ensure that every one of you who passes through the gates has a great time at the ballpark. Regardless of whether the Cyclones win or lose (or don’t play at all – remember Medieval Times Night 2007?), I want each and every one of you to leave KeySpan Park at the end of a game thinking that your time was well spent.

Although our job in the off season is to plan these great ideas for you, you will be the ones sitting in the stands this summer. You are the ones that make the choice to spend an evening with your friends or family at the ballpark. That means you are our most important asset in figuring out what it is that you want.

So here is my challenge to you:
Tell me what it is you want to see this summer.
What kinds of on-field contests do you want to see your kids, friends, or siblings participate in? Are there any theme nights that you wish we’d do? Is there a giveaway item that you think would be a big hit with your fellow fans?

This is your chance to influence the atmosphere of the 2008 season. Your chance to help make 2008 the most fun and entertaining season of Brooklyn Baseball yet. And if it isn’t, you only have yourself to blame.

-- Rebecca Schwartz
Marketing & Entertainment Manager

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