Sunday, June 20, 2010

Opening Day

June 25th, 2001 seems like yesterday.  hard to believe, but last night we held our 10th Opening Day in franchise history!

It was a great night -- we set a new OD attendance record (9,888 fans), got our ninth OD win in 10 tries (Wally's second of the season...he's on pace to go 76-0), Steve got burnt to a crisp and was almost run down by a float in the Mermaid Parade but made sure all the right cars got into the parking lot (and all the wrong ones stayed out), and everyone seemed thrilled that another season of Brooklyn baseball was underway.

It started -- as it has in every season since TJ introduced the idea -- with our players lining the steps at the front gate to greet the fans as they walked through the gates at the newly-named MCU Park.  It's a pretty cool experience, with fans introducing themselves to the new team, and vice versa.  It really gives our players their first glimpse of the passion and loyalty that they're about to enjoy for the next few months.  To a man, they always come away from it marveling at how intense Brooklyn's love is for this team.

In the weeks and months to come, you'll meet some of those players here on the blog, and hear from Wally.  Thanks, as always, for your support.  This season is going to be one of our best ever!

-- Dave


anthony0358 said...

Its was a great night for Coney Island with the Mermaid Parade and the Cyclones Game

I went to both events

Here is to another great season of Cylones Baseball!

and big thank you to all the Cyclones staff for all their hard work

Lisa Gav said...

GREAT Opening Day, off to a terrific start to the season!