Monday, July 19, 2010

Brooklyn's Best Friend

So, there's this thing called Facebook.  Have you heard of it?  Of course you have.  Unless your name is Kevin Mahoney, you already have a Facebook account, have connected with old classmates, ex-girlfriends, former teachers, childhood neighbors, that kid you used to play football with, and tons of people you barely remember or tried to forget.  Everyone in the world is on Facebook.  Except Kevin Mahoney.

For those of you out there who may be unfamiliar (Kevin Mahoney), here's how it works: You set up a home page, post information about yourself, and then look for "friends."  Or they look for you.  "Friends" are what make the world of Facebook go 'round.  Some people have thousands of FB "friends" (Katie, Brandy), and others keep a tight circle (Kevin Mahoney, 0).

In general, though (unless you're Kevin Mahoney), the more "friends" you have, the better.  It means more info and invites coming your way, and it gives you a bigger audience for those times you want to share your thoughts.

Enough with the tutorial, already.  Here's where the Cyclones come in.

With our new contest, titled "Brooklyn's Best Friend," having the most FB "friends" can also mean winning great prizes, like $100 in Cyclones Cash, a $500 donation to your favorite charity, lunch with Cyclones players, 50 Field Box Seats to a game in which you'll be honored, and -- best of all -- your own Cyclones baseball card and your own Cyclones-designed bobblehead!

It's an exciting social-networking experiment that helps us spread the word about Cyclones baseball, and helps you get once-in-a-lifetime swag!

Check out the contest, and get going!  It officially gets underway on Monday, July 26th!

Start telling everyone you know that you want to become "Brooklyn's Best Friend," and you need their help to do it.  

Unless, of course, you're Kevin Mahoney. 

-- Dave


anthony0358 said...

we love the Cyclones staff

Lisa Gav said...

Ahem... make that 2 people in Brooklyn NOT on Facebook.
As much as I would love to have some extra cash and a Bobblehead & Card, I'm steering clear - just like that dude named Kevin Mahoney.
PS: glad the Blog is back in business, it's been a while!