Monday, November 1, 2010

Pop Sensation

I'll admit it...we were starting to feel a little left out.  

Steve and I -- the Martin and Lewis of minor league baseball (I'm Dean, obviously) -- were becoming the forgotten men in the Cyclones front office, what with Mahoney winning NYPL Man of the Year honors and Gary being hailed as MiLB's next Branch Rickey.

But thanks to an invitation to be presenters at this year's Winter Meetings in Orlando, we'll finally have our one shining moment.  And in the Sunshine State, no less!

Steve and I will be leading a round-table presentation at the Bob Freitas Seminar that we've tentatively titled:
PROMOTIONS THAT “POP”: Capitalizing on pop-culture trends to create promotions that will engage your fans and win you awards (or get you sued, fired, or both).  
In three 30-minute sessions, we'll be talking about the creative process and implementation that has gone into the development of some of the promotions in recent years that have incorporated pop-culture trends to garner national media attention -- "Baracklyn," "Jersey? Sure!," the Ike Davis upside-down bobblehead, etc.  (Click here, here, here, or here if you need a refresher on the buzz that surrounded some of these nights.)

We'll talk a little bit about what made these nights successful, what we wish we did differently, how other teams can incorporate some of the more effective elements, how we come up with these groundbreaking, innovative, cutting-edge, some would say "genius" ideas (hint: usually by accident), how we make the promotions media-friendly to maximize exposure, and even unveil a few of the pop-culture related ideas we've had that we eventually decided were too over-the-top even for us! (Maybe I'll share here after the presentation.)

So if you're planning on attending the Winter Meetings (December 6-9), check us out.  If you're not, we'll tell you all about it when we get back!

-- Dave


Brooklyn Trolley Blogger said...

I'm sure you'll represent Brooklyn very well. The IKE bbh was an absolute smash hit! BobbleHeads always a great giveaway. Be well. Have a safe trip.

Lisa Gav said...

I do have to say, there were some awesome promotions this year - the Ike Davis bobble being my personal favorite.

And I am the proud winner of a couple of Game-Worn Jerseys as well, though I won't reveal how much I spent on Raffle tickets this season (and I'm begging Randy not to tell...)

But you'll have to try really really really hard if you ever want to top the Baracklyn Cyclones promotion, that entire evening from HealthCare Band-Aids to the Thumbs-Up Bobblehead to the Red White & Blue player Jerseys was truly inspired!

Lynda said...

If you have a complete list of the Bob Freitas sessions for 2010 Winter Meeting, could you forward it to My execs are wanting to plan ahead for who goes to which sessions. Yours sounds fun!