Monday, January 14, 2008

The best tickets, the best value

We're in the process of renewing Season Tickets right now, and soon Mini Plan holders will have a chance to upgrade to full Season Tickets, and then new Season Tickets will be available.

For those that may be unfamiliar, Season Tickets mean that you purchase a seat -- one of the best seats in the house -- for all 38 Cyclones games. But it also means much more than that. Each year, we strive to create more and more extra benefits for Season Ticket Holders (STH), so that you're not just buying a're investing in Brooklyn baseball, and enjoying the benefits of being a part of our family.

To that end, 2008 offers the best STH package ever. When buy Season Tickets, you literally you pay less and get more! In fact, you get over $300 of savings and extras!

At most sports, or entertainment events, you pay for your ticket, and that's all you get. When you go to the movies, for example, you pay 10 or 11 dollars a ticket, and see the movie. That's it.

Same on Broadway.

Same at a concert.

Same at most sporting events.

NOT the same with the Cyclones.

When you buy a Season Ticket with us, you get to see every game...but that's just the beginning. You also get a discounted rate, and get tons of exclusive benefits, like free Playoff tickets, free parking, free guaranteed giveaways, free Mets tickets, batting practice on the field at KeySpan Park, post-game autograph sessions, and much more!

In a city full of entertainment options, the Cyclones give fans the most for their money, and do it at a low price!

Here's a look at just some of the benefits Season Ticket Holders will enjoy in 2008:
  • SEASON TICKET PRICES WILL STAY THE SAME, while individual game ticket prices will be raised slightly. That means you save even more when you buy Season Tickets – saving up to $98 per seat!
  • FREE PLAYOFF TICKETS. You’ll get tickets for all potential 2008 home Playoff games at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. That’s a savings of up to $60!
  • FREE PARKING ON MONDAY NIGHTS. That’s a $30 value!
  • DOLLAR NIGHTS. On select nights, your favorite foods and drinks will be just $1 each, when you show your MVP card, identifying you as a Season Ticket Holder!
  • GUARANTEED EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAYS. Two special gifts only for Season Ticket Holders, and you can pick them up throughout the season.
  • BATTING PRACTICE AT KEYSPAN PARK. Your chance to take some swings on the field, and see if you have what it takes to hit one deep. This year’s exclusive Season Ticket Holder BP will take place prior to the team’s pre-season workout on Saturday, June 14th.
  • SECURED EXPRESS ENTRANCE AT THE MAIN GATE. Season Ticket Holders go to the front of the line, getting you inside the ballpark – and allowing you to get that night’s giveaway item – faster!
  • GROUP PICTURE WITH THE 2008 CYCLONES. You’ll stand on the infield side-by-side with our players and coaches on Sunday, July 27th for this aerial “team picture” that you can print from the team’s website.
  • ONLINE ACCOUNT. You can manage your tickets – and post the ones you can’t use on the Cyclones Ticket Marketplace for re-sale – with your online Season Ticket Holder Account. And new for 2008, you will be able to electronically transfer your tickets for any game to the party of your choice, a business associate, client, colleague, friend or family member. The recipient of your ticket transfer will be able to use the Print-At-Home feature for instant delivery of the tickets.
  • FREE METS GAME. Cyclones Season Ticket Holders enjoy a night at Shea Stadium.
Imagine if you got those kinds of extras any time you bought a ticket to the movies...or anywhere else for that matter!

As you know, Cyclones tickets are among the hottest in town. Season Tickets ensure that you'll never get shut out from one of the high-demand games like the Yankees series, or fireworks nights. Whether you enjoy the tickets yourself, or use them to entertain clients or friends, holding a prime piece of the NY sportscape is a valuable commodity.

Between the great baseball, the fun surprises, the low prices, and the non-stop extras that are literally given to you as you walk through the gates (and sometimes thrown at you from above), you just cannot beat a Season Ticket with the Cyclones. We're proud of that, and we're even working on adding to that list of benefits!

Like I said, with Season Tickets, you pay less, and you keep getting more.

-- Dave

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