Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mav's First Meeting

This morning certainly wasn't the first time a staff member spent an entire meeting whining and squirming in their seat. It was, however, the first time that staff member could be appeased by a chew toy (unless you count an Applebee's quesadilla).

Maverick the Wonder Dog attended his first meeting this morning, with mixed results. He provided both entertainment and distraction, but seemed to enjoy the weekly updates from each department. He did NOT seem to enjoy being referred to as "she," but rebounded quickly, thanks to some random potato chip crumbs that were for some reason under the conference room table.

The little guy (that's GUY, Steve) is still just a baby, so he can't be expected to contribute too much to these meetings (after all, I'm 32, and I still can't be counted on to always contribute something positive). But in the months to come, he better polish up his presentation skills -- and maybe prepare an excel spread sheet or two, or come up with at least one viable promotional idea -- if he wants to truly gain the respect of his colleagues.

-- Dave

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Jake said...

SPEAKING OF Dogs----I find it distressing that "Nathan's Famous"Hot Dogs are kept in a draw under the counters at the stadium rather than served freash off the grill as they are a few blocks down Surf Ave.
So,I don't buy them at the Ball Park but go to the source before the game.
Could somebody do something to elevate "The Dog" to the level of quizine it is truly held in by Brooklynites.