Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One, two, three...SHOOT!

Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) might be my favorite game ever. When you win, there is a feeling of power -- of having outsmarted your opponent, and beaten them with both wits and will. When you lose, you can just chalk it up to random luck.

RPS has been played since the beginning of time. Adam threw rock, Eve threw paper, and the rest is history.

OK, maybe not that far back. But it has been an institution of sorts here in the Cyclones office for as long as I can remember. Rob Field and I used it just about every day (before the magnetic dartboard came into play) to determine what we would eat for lunch, and who would drive. (I dominated..especially since Rob's not here to dispute my claim.) We took it very seriously -- although, admittedly, not as seriously as some others -- and this was before soaring gas prices, so you can imagine what it would be like now.

Last year, we turned our admiration into a promotional night, and hosted an RPS Tournament on the field before a game. 64 combatants waged war, with one champion emerging victorious. (And Rob lost in the first round to an 8-year-old! This time, I have visual proof.)

This year, we'll host the 2oo8 RPS tourney on Sunday, August 10th. For $15 you get a Box Seat for that night's game and an official tourney t-shirt. And of course, the chance to battle for pride, glory, and a great Cyclones prize pack!

Anyone who wants to participate should call (Big) John Haley at 718-37-BKLYN, or, since you're obviously fans of the blogosphere, just email him. 64 will enter, but only one will win!

Just remember, if you square off against me, don't throw paper, 'cause i got some scissors for you, right here!

(Or maybe I'm just using the threat of scissors to bait you into throwing rock, 'cause i got some paper for you right here! Or maybe -- just maybe -- I'm making you think I'm using the scissors to bait you into rock and take you with paper, so that you'll actually throw scissors...'cause I got some big, bad rock for you right here! See how it works? It's like being an evil genius! Or in my case, just evil.)

See you on the 10th, RPS-ers. Bring your A game, or don't bring anything at all (except 15 bucks to participate, and a hand, of course).

-- Dave


Timothy said...

Good old Rock, nothing beats Rock

Anonymous said...

Rob Field is one of the greatest Rock, Paper, Scissors Competitors and was never dominated by Dave Campanaro during competition. Rob often felt bad for Dave because he lost so many times and did not want to see him jump up and down like a two year old, plus Dave has a family to feed and Rob did not want to take anything away from his family. By losing on purpose Dave did not have to drive which saved him money on gas, the money was then reallocated to his family vacation. See Rob is a good guy. Yes Rob lost to an 8 year old, but my guess is that he let him win.

Dave said...

Pretty sure that "Anonymous" might be Rob

Lisa Gav said...

Just signed up - had lots of fun at last year's tourney, even though I, too, lost to a kid...