Thursday, August 7, 2008

And STILL the Undefeated, Undisputed Champs...

The Full Timers, of course. (You didn't think you'd be reading about the game if we had lost, did you?)

OK, I'll admit, this space has been known to use some exaggeration, hyperbole, and straight-up fictional writing from time to time. But in all honesty, the 8-3 drubbing of the "all talk, no walk" interns on Wednesday was by far the greatest total team effort the full timers have ever put together. For the first time I can remember, every single member of the team made an extremely valuable contribution, leading to a big, big win.

Of course, we had our share of gamesmanship (and near fights) to start the game. I love getting into the young kids' heads. But from inning one on, it was all business as we shut down and the "all smack, no back" '08 intern crop.

B-Mac patrolled the vast expanse of centerfield and bashed a two-out home run in the 6th (almost lapping the lead runner in the process). Gary handled the hot corner with aplomb after a late defensive switch (Steve's arm was sore from his seven inning shutout earlier in the day). I scored the first run of the game, and tossed in a few "make 'em saw 'wow'" Web Gems for good measure (gotta admit...the dive into short left field was probably in my personal top 3 plays of all time). Big John Haley brought the thunder with 3 hits (including a controversial booming ground rule double into the soccer net about 3 miles away that I still think should have been a home run). Wall Hooky Nelson shored up left field with some nice plays. The next out Steve makes will be his first, as he went 3-for-3 and scored two runs, burning up the basepaths and playing stellar defense. Mahoney racked up a couple of hits, and provided the intimidation factor (to both teams). Patoy picked up a few hits of his own (and made sure the ticket office had coverage throughout). Chris notched a big hit and a big run in the last inning. Eagle Eye Viola had two -- count 'em, TWO -- RBI, including the insurance runs that sealed the deal in the eighth. Rebecca had a big hit. Liz busted up a potential double play that kept the inning alive for B-Mac's HR. Joyce not only had a hit, but ran fast enough to score from first, and not let Brendan catch her! And Kevin (Moises) Jimenez threw a gem on one leg (he blew out his calf earlier in the day). Everyone did something in this win.

On the other side of the field, there was lots of singin' it, and not much bringin' it. All those home runs that were predicted to rain down on the boardwalk never actually came to pass. All those pitches that were supposed to have us tied in knots never actually found the strike zone. And all those gold glovers in the infield looked at times like they were playing a big game of hot potato. But, they should take heart...they were probably our stiffest competition yet (even though we keep getting older and the interns keep getting younger).

Team Turmoil wins yet again, and convincingly at that. We're kind of like the '86 Mets...down and dirty, tough and talented, and ready to take on anyone in our way (whether they're on our team or not). In-fighting, out-fighting, controversy, shunning -- the more there is swirling around us, the beter and more focused we become!

So step on up, security guards, Aramark employees, Peggy O'Neils patrons, and all you other challengers out there. Consider yourselves warned.

-- Dave


Anonymous said...

This "undefeated" team of yours...I remember when they suffered a drubbing not once, but twice, at the hands of the interns circa 2003 and 2004.

I remember the phrase "rain doesn't make you sick, it's all in your head," being tossed around as "Team Turmoil" complained about the small weather system that had moved into Coney Island.

I also recall the only "turning two" that took place on the full timers team was not between the lines.

Ghost of the Mexicans Reloaded!

Joel Then said...

How can I get in a game?

Anonymous said...

Is this the Cyclones blog or the Dave blog? It's hard to tell. Could we have more blogs from the actual players or maybe even the mascots.

Dave said...

I usually write those, too.

Anonymous said...

"All those home runs that were predicted to rain down on the boardwalk never actually came to pass."

I do recall seeing a 2-Run shot that split the outfielders. Too Bad someone had to go cover the window.

Warner said...

Yeah, it's too bad. If only Brian could have stayed out there on the mound, the full timers could have spent another two hours waiting for him to throw a strike. Who took the loss for the interns, by the way?

Timothy said...

Stiffest competition yet?

John and I take offense, giving up one run last year

Anonymous said...

You should be offended - you were SHUTOUT last year!