Friday, August 22, 2008

Behind the Clubhouse Door

The clubhouse is among the most sacred of places in sports. It is a team's home away from home, its sanctum, its place of refuge, its Fortress of Solitude. There are a series of rules -- both written and unwritten -- that police the behavior within the walls of the clubhouse, and foremost among them is that what happens inside stays inside.

But, armed with a small video camera, and a list of silly and semi-interesting questions, a daring duo of intrepid interns (Gus and Neil) made their way into the lion's den in search of some inside information. Some players agreed to answer a few questions only after much (non-pitching) arm twisting. Others had to be forcibly removed from the stage, Gong Show-style, before the camera battery died.

It turns out that once they are assured that they are given permission to make fun of their teammates and divulge harmless, yet embarrassing secrets, many players are ready to sing.

Who's the biggest slob on the team? Who's the most high-maintenance? Who would be lost without their cell phone? Can Erik Turgeon really hit?

Check out some of the Q&As on BCTV to learn a little more about your favorite players.

-- Dave

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Lisa Gav said...

LOVE the BCTV interviews!