Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

Ever since the Pilgrims blogged about landing at Plymouth Rock, all of America (and some of Canada) has used this time of year to celebrate things for which we are thankful. We at the Cyclones are no different (well, some would say we're very different, but that's a matter for another time).

As we head into the Turkey Day holiday and weekend, we suckers workhorses who are still in the office would like to use this space to "give mad props" (according to Alexa) to some of the things that bring us joy. (Disclaimer: the following people may or may not have said all the things attributed to their names.)

Dave: pizza, the Internet, Ms. Pac Man, Wally Backman, faithful blog readers, Ultimate Warrior promos, the innovator of infield defense known simply as "Mex," Rev. Branch, Miss Lescure, Club Trillion, mayhem, mischief, family, friends, and Cyclones fans

Mahoney: all my best BUDdys

Pat: free Applebee’s, that Vlad already winterized the ticket windows, Wally Backman, the hot stove, that we close the office for a week between Xmas and new years, Brad Holt, thinking of promotions, and coming back to Brooklyn after spending Thanksgiving in NH with the snow and cold

Ricky: having the entire 25-man roster in my car at some point this season, not having to pick up Jabi's family, and the inadmissibility of polygraph tests

Liz: working for the Man of the Year & working with a crazy group of people who truly help me find the spirit(s) of the season

Gary: my family, friends and the countless hours I spend with my co-workers pulling tarp each year. Also, elastic waistbands, Just for Men, cell phones, Roland Hemond, travel-sized cups of marinara sauce, and for Gary having the ability to talk about Gary in the third person

Sharon: that gas prices went down 2cents/per gallon since I’ll be driving to Cape May, NJ on Saturday. I’ll fill up today and park until it’s time to leave. And for all the volunteers that will be helping to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at Coney Island Gospel Assembly on Thanksgiving Day

Alexa: beatboxing, that I got to meet DJ, Babe, Babe II, the "fridge" in the basement, Kevin D., and that there are only about six months to Opening Day

Steve (via satellite): my wonderful family, the terrific people I work with and most of all...that we finally got rid of our fruit fly epidemic. Nd 4 my blkbry of crse

Enjoy the holiday, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

-- Dave


Lisa Gav said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
(I, too am at work, but not really working right now)
:) Lisa Gav

anthony0358 said...

I am thankful for my good health

I also want to thank everyone on the Cyclones staff for 9 years of hard work

Because you all work so hard
we all get to have fun!