Monday, November 16, 2009

Going Wild for Wally

Big announcement today -- Wally Backman has been named the Cyclones' manager for the 2010 season!

Backman is an all-time favorite among Mets fans, revered for his all-out, hard-nosed style of play. (On a personal note, I was obsessed with Mex, HoJo, and Wally as a kid, so I might be even more excited than you are!)

How could you not love Backman? A scrappy table-setter who set the tone with his gritty, grinder, gamer attitude. Diving all over the place, sacrificing his body, his uniform, and the laws of physics to make a play, get on base, or score a run.

If you were a Mets fan in the 80s, I dare you to watch this and not get goosebumps:

Now, Wally will be bringing that brand of baseball to Brooklyn as the Cyclones' manager! I can't think of a place better suited for his style and attitude. As Steve said in the official press release, "Brooklyn and Backman were made for each other."

Stay tuned! We'll have a recap of the press conference and some quotes and video from Wally himself tomorrow.

-- Dave

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Lisa Gav said...

Should make for an exciting season!
Got off to a great start last season then fizzled - here's hoping we stay strong all summer long.