Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going Big With a Mini

I know, I know.  It's been a while since the last post.  I apologize.  Between snow, and holidays, and a lack of anything I thought you might find interesting, the Blog has admittedly taken a back seat.

Let me also apologize in advance for the fact that this entry might be seen as "salesy" and would therefore go against the Blog's mission statement (which doesn't actually exist, but if it did, would mention something about inside jokes, pot-shots at co-workers, and not using this space to straight-up sell things).

BUT (and I'm talking a GP-sized "but," here)...this year's Mini Plans are on sale now, and are seriously too good to not talk about.

Each Mini Plan consists of a themed five-game pack, and costs just $16 per game for a Field Box Seat -- the best seats in the house.  That alone would be a pretty good deal, but that's not even the start of it.

Every Mini Plan comes with FREE FOOD at every game, and a FREE CAP for every plan you buy.  Add that to the giveaways, fireworks, and special appearances at each of the games in your plan, and I dare you to find a better value.  

I went to the movies last night, in fact, and it cost me $15 a ticket, and then I paid another $15 for stale popcorn and a flat soda.  Then I got to listen to some dope next to me giggle like a fool and answer his cell phone for three hours.  For half the price -- half the price! -- I could have watched Cyclones baseball, caught a t-shirt shot out of a cannon by a pink ape, been noogied by giant seagulls, gotten a free replica jersey, a free cap, a free hot dog, a free soda, free chips, danced on the dugout, run around the bases after the game, and had an all-around great night out.  There is simply no comparison.

Mini Plans are themed, and feature things like fireworks, weekend dates, multiple jersey giveaways, games against rivals, and more!
If you love great entertainment, great baseball, saving money, getting free stuff, spending time with your family, and popping the bubbles on that safety-packing stuff (OK, maybe not that last thing), there's a Mini Plan with your name all over it.

Get yours today!

-- Dave

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