Saturday, September 4, 2010

Playoffs? Playoffs? Yes, Playoffs!

Well, it's been a foregone conclusion for quite some time, but as we close out the regular season, the Cyclones are now gearing up for the Playoffs.

As you know, anytime anyone anywhere mentions the word Playoffs, the worldwide unwritten contract dictates that someone must imitate Jim Mora or embed his infamous rant in their blog.  Far be it from me to break the rules:

The New York-Penn League Playoffs (you just did it, didn't you?) start on September 7th, and we'll face the Wild Card team on the road on Tuesday, then host Game Two and, if necessary, Game Three on Wednesday and Thursday -- with both games at 7pm.

Right now, Williamsport is leading the Wild Card race, and I have to admit I'm rooting for them.  Not because of any on-field match-up or anything, but simply because Williamsport is only three or four hours away.  The team they lead by a half a game?  Jamestown.  About seven hours away.  No thank you.  For the next two games, I am officially the world's biggest Crosscutters fan, and i think about 15 Front Office members and 30 or so players would probably agree.

No matter what, though, we'll be home on Wednesday night to take on someone, and you can get tickets now!  In addition to the chance to see a possible championship run for Brooklyn, the first 1,000 fans will receive great Playoff T-shirts, thanks to our friends at U.S. Gas & Electric.

See you on Wednesday!

-- Dave

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anthony0358 said...

I am so excited for the playoffs!
Its the 7th time in 10 years the Cyclones made it to the post season!

One more chance for me to thank everyone who works at the Cyclones Front Office for helping all the fans have fun at each game!