Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

I guess no one called weather.

For the second straight night last night, Game Two of the NYPL Championship Series was postponed -- this time thanks to some of the heaviest rain I've seen in a long time.

As Darrell Ceciliani would say (in an over-the-top, loud, annoying, nasally, hick voice), "It was rainin' sideways, cousin!"

The tarp was on the field, lightning was in the air, there was a waterfall in the dugout, and Hamilton Bennett was building a boat and setting sail for the high seas.

Take a look:

Now, before the rains came, HB told me that he had drawn a "rain turtle" on the warning track, who would push away any bad weather:

Apparently, no one told the turtle:

While taking cover from the wrath of Poseidon sitting in the dugout, though, I was able to witness two very funny things.  First off, HB's old friend Scotty joined us, and decided to do a home run trot/tarp slide.  Instant classic.

Next, I was privy to the best seat in the house for a game of "rain delay ball toss."  The teams scribbled messages on a baseball, and threw it from one dugout to the other...kind of like passing notes in class.  The funniest exchange came when one of our guys drew a tic-tac-toe board and made a move, then tossed it to the Tri-City side.  The ball came back with the following message:

"Does this count as Game Two?"

No, Valley Cat, it did not.  The real Game Two will take place tonight at 7pm (barring another flash-flood/semi-natural disaster).

Great seats are still available, so get your tickets now, and come on down to MCU Park! 

-- Dave


Anonymous said...

I had almost as much fun at the two rainouts as at a game.

Anonymous said...

The two rainouts were almost as much fun as a game.