Tuesday, March 25, 2008

24 - The Return

If you read last year's game magazine, you may have seen a story about the Cyclones' 24 Hours of Baseball event that started off with "my legs are still killing me." And in truth, I think they still are. I don't think they'll ever fully recover from playing baseball for 24 straight hours (it actually turned into 26, but who's counting?).

Luckily, two thoughts got me through the sleep deprivation, the cramping, the hunger pains, the dehydration, the rain (thanks for that little interesting twist), and the fact that I couldn't even bend down to catch a ground ball by hour 15:

1) We were helping to raise money for a worthwhile cause.


2) This was a once-in-a-lifetime thing that no one would ever be silly enough to think of doing again.

Turns out, number 2 was completely incorrect.

On June 6th and 7th of this year, the Cyclones front office will once again take the field for 24 straight hours, facing 12 teams in two-hour games in an effort to raise money for worthwhile causes.

Preparations are in place to line up the opposition teams and set the details (and by "preparations" I mean me begging Steve Cohen to reconsider).

We'll be raising money this year for Autism Speaks, HeartShare Human Services of New York, and the New York-Penn League Charitable Foundation (which will allocate the funds throughout Brooklyn).

Any team who would like to participate in this unique opportunity to play baseball in one of the country's premier professional ballparks can contact the Cyclones' Community Relations Manager Elizabeth Lombardi.

There is a $1,000 per team entry fee, with 100% of the fee going towards the charities.

So gather up your friends, co-workers, teammates -- anyone who wants to play ball -- and take part in 24 Hours of Baseball.

But trust me on this, make sure you stretch!


-- Dave


Lisa Gav said...

You guys were great last year - I'm looking forward to cheering on the Front Office again!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm a 37 year old guy out here in the great state of Indiana that would love to be the 14th player on your team! You can hire me in the morning so I am on staff and fire me immediately after the game! I love this idea, wish we did something like this with the radio station that I work for here. Good luck and don't forget to hire that 14th employee to play! Kris utvols33@yahoo.com

jamie agoglia said...

You guys look good on the video but your going down in the Friday 10 pm Game. I am old Bonnie's ball player and I have put together an all star team of Studs from Brooklyn. We play out of Buckley's and were taking you guys down.
Jamie "Big Train" Agoglia