Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Century Mark

Well, we officially passed 100 days to Opening Day earlier this week (it's 98 to go as of today). That's when it starts to get down to crunch time.

We're finalizing some of the promotions and giveaways we've been working on, and hope to be able to announce a preliminary promotional schedule next week. Let's just say there will be a little something for everyone.

We're still selling Season Tickets, Mini Plans, and Groups, for those that love to get lots of free, exclusive stuff with their tickets, and individual tickets will be on sale in early May (stay tuned for an exact date announcement).

The Mets and their minor leaguers are working hard in Spring Training, and everything's starting to come together for the summer of 2008 (even the weather seems like it is pushing for summer to get here as soon as possible).

This year will be a season of unexpected surprises that's sure to have all of Brooklyn cheering. And according to that countdown clock on the home page, Opening Day is getting closer by the second!

-- Dave

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