Friday, March 21, 2008

Bracketology - A Dog's Logic

Unlike the experts, I haven’t spent the last several months analyzing each team’s every move. I don’t know which teams play in which conferences, I can’t recite impressive statistics, and, until yesterday, I hadn’t watched a single game of college basketball. In fact, when these teams began their seasons, I was but a twinkle in my mother’s eye.

Since I don’t know anything about any of these teams, I will use the next best method to select my winners: random guessing. And it’s been working pretty well for me so far (I can assure you I chose correctly for all 16 games yesterday. Why would I lie about that? Besides, you can’t prove anything anyway). There were a few decisions that required a little bit of research. For example, I chose Pittsburgh (4) to win over Oral Roberts (13) not because of their ranks or the talent on their teams, but because Panthers are more vicious than Golden Eagles. There’s no way a Golden Eagle will beat a Panther. (You can imagine how torn I was when choosing the winner of the UCONN (4) vs. Drake (5) game in round 2…huskies or bulldogs? For the record, I flipped a coin. Go huskies!)

Some may say my method is not the best. I admit there are some flaws in my system. But, after all, there are literally quintillions of possibilities when filling out your NCAA bracket (I did the math myself, I swear). So whether you choose to analyze stats, pick teams randomly, or factor the team mascot into the equation, nothing will assure that you win your office pool. Upsets will always occur and the best team won’t necessarily win the tournament. Having said that, my pick for the 2008 NCAA Champion is none other than the Texas Arlington Mavericks (16). Go Mavs!

The Wonder Dog

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