Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cyclones at Shea, Part II

Last night, Cyclones Season Ticket Holders (STH) were invited to a FREE Mets game at Shea Stadium -- just one of the great exclusive benefits of being the most loyal of Cyclones fans.

Over 800 STH lined the field before the game for the National Anthem (and most even followed directions, so we may actually be allowed back)! Six lucky fans also got to go behind home plate before the game and catch up with former Cyclone Joe Smith.

My sherpa and I loved our seats (although I wasn't quite dressed properly), and we saw one of the most exciting games of the year -- home runs by Reyes, Castillo and Endy Chavez (en-DEE! en-DEE! en-DEE! en-DEE!), and a walk-off double by Fernando Tatis.

It was good to see some of the familiar faces of STH, and we're looking forward to seeing you a lot more often in less than a month (19 days to Opening Day, as my countdown clock keeps on tickin').
-- Dave

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