Friday, May 9, 2008

Help! (Or at least help some great causes)

Well, 24 Hours of Baseball is less than a month away, and on the whole, our squad is struggling.

I fractured my shoulder in April and will be playing against doctor's orders. Steve's back may never recover from his battle with a refrigerator last year (just think, it could have been worse). KJ's hamstrings are wound tighter than Eddie V's axe. Gary has a stiff neck from ALWAYS being on the phone. Mahoney can't possibly pitch another 11 hours, like he did last year. Ricky...well, he's not injured, but he's also not allowed on the mound or behind the plate. The list goes on and on and on.

And yet, we're forging forward like the warriors we are (whining and complaining all the way). We'll be playing 24 straight hours of baseball (oh, dear God, why did I agree to this again?) against 12 teams from throughout New York in an effort to raise money for some truly worthy causes -- Autism Speaks, HeartShare, and the New York-Penn League Charitable Foundation. (Oh yeah, that's why I agreed to do it...and that's why we need your help.)

It really is a great event, regardless of the pain it inflicts on your favorite front office staff (or at least, the front office staff of your favorite team), and we hope you'll join us either at the ballpark, or by making a donation.

We'll be on the field from 12 noon on June 6th to 12 noon on June 7th if you want to stop by and see how we're doing. Help make our suffering worthwhile with a little encouragement...or by making a tax-deductible donation. Either way, we appreciate your support and hope to see you at the ballpark!

We also hope we're all still standing by hour promises.

-- Dave


boomer1344 said...

If you need a little help from an old dh and fill in starting at 6 am on the 7th, let me know.

Lisa Gav said...

Sooooo looking forward to this year's "24". I hope you play the Coney Island Freakshow team again - they were an absolute blast last time, as well as a chance for most of you to relax a bit!