Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Battle Against The Old Boys

The undefeated Cyclones staff put another notch in the win column on Thursday, besting the Old Boys of Summer (a 65-and-over team) in an epic 13-12 battle. Some of the Old Boys were not actually so old this time around, but we didn't ask to see birth certificates (OK, well, we did ask, but they just kind of ignored us).

It was a back-and-forth struggle for the ages (no pun intended) that featured big hits (by both teams), poor defense (by us), great plays (by them), a near-ejection ("Turn your hat around!" "Shut your mouth!"), a collision at home plate (more below), and stellar pitching (by our guy...I guess their guy was pretty good, too, considering he just had heart surgery about two months ago). It was truly an exciting game. Not the kind anyone would sleep through.

And OK, even though my RBI triple (cough, cough, second one of the game) plated Rebecca with the go-ahead run in the bottom of the 8th, maybe I did get a little carried away when I got into a rundown trying for home and then slid (crashed) headfirst into the Old Boy behind the plate in a move that simultaneously (and accidentally, I swear) injured their catcher and horrified/appalled/ashamed 99% of my teammates (Kevin M. was the other 1%...he actually thought I didn't go in hard enough).

Thanks to our second win of the year against the Old Boys and the trouncing of the interns we have now defeated all challengers -- ranging from 18 to 85 years old -- to keep our record unblemished. Next up is our annual trip to Aberdeen to face the IronBirds staff, our stiffest competition yet. We beat them last year on our turf, but the road team has yet to win a game in the series. (Plus, six hours with all of us in a van is usually a challenge unto itself.)

So stay tuned...the official Cyclones season may be over, but thanks to the front office squad, the thrilling exciting captivating interesting semi-interesting somewhat-watchable action continues!

-- Dave

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