Thursday, September 25, 2008

Note to Self...Invent Provolone Cake

We had to shut down the power in the office this afternoon to help out with energy conservation. (I'm still confused as to how turning off my 1997 HP printer is going to save polar bears from drowning, but whatever. It makes me feel like I'm going green, and it creates a good excuse to get out of the office.)

We took the opportunity to eat lunch as a group together, and as always, anytime we're all in a confined space for more than 5-10 minutes, uncomfortableness, awkwardness, and hilarity ensues.

From the Too Much Information department, here are some of the things I learned about some of my colleagues today:
  • Joyce can name several provinces in Germany, but cannot identify American icons Frank Sinatra, Oprah Winfrey, Candice Bergen, or Bill Cosby in the lopsided framed pictures on the walls at Applebees (she kind of knew who Elvis was, but answered hesitantly to that one).
  • Vlad enjoys a side of tilapia with his hersey's kisses. Who knew? Maybe it's a symptom of "chocolate fever."
  • Rebecca becomes enraged any time anyone mentions the word "trio" more than three times (her self-imposed limitation).
  • Joyce feels compelled to order three things and create a trio (trio, trio, trio, trio) even if she only plans on eating two of the three items (hey, more spinach and artichoke dip for me!).
  • Gary will eat anything. Lots of anything. And he like to combine weird things that no one else would consider putting on the same spoon or fork (or spork). He ordered a BLT. And a French Onion soup. And a Cobb salad. And mozzarella sticks. And a side order of fries. Then, he proceeded to dump his fries into his soup and mix it all together until it turned into some grotesque French Fry/French Onion Mush. When he ordered ice cream cake for dessert, he actually seemed disappointed to learn that they couldn't melt provolone on top of it (his personal favorite recipe from The Guido's Guide to Baking).
Anyway, while we were wasting time at lunch, we were saving the cheerleader energy, and saving the world. Hopefully, my time spent watching Gary engulf his 9-course meal means that a penguin or two will live to see another day.

-- Dave


Joyce said...

Oh Dave, always calling people out with your outrageous hyperbole. I know who Bill Cosby is.

And how else was I supposed to combine buffalo wings with bacon cheeseburgers?

Lisa Gav said...

Seriously, guys, do you have any job openings? My own particular brand of insanity would fit right in. Hmm, but then I'd have to work during games (and pull tarp) instead of watching/cheering, so maybe not...