Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Offseason Is Upon Us

And that means a bit of a slowdown around the office, and the Blog. After taking a quick TO to catch our breaths, both mentally and physically, after three and a half months of high intensity, we'll be back at it again soon enough -- planning, plotting, scheming, brainstorming, ideating, and any other buzzword-ing you can think of to make the 2009 season our best ever.

But fear not, loyal Blog readers. We'll still give you the updates you crave on meaningless inter-office shenanigans (like Ricky dropping to the floor to do 20 push ups in the middle of Applebee's in an attempt to disprove public perception regarding his physical abilities -- he got to 19 before his arms started wobbling like Jell-O in an earthquake and he collapsed. Check out the video).

We're taking on the Old Boys of Summer (65-and-over men's baseball league) on Thursday in the continuation of one of sports' most storied rivalries (just after Red Sox/Yankees and Duke/Carolina), and soon we'll be traveling to Aberdeen to take on the IronBirds staff in softball, where we plan to avenge Fonzie and gain a small measure of revenge against the team that eliminated the '08 Cyclones from the playoff hunt.

So stay tuned to the Blog, and to will still be plenty of interesting stuff going on around the office this off-season.

(And if not, we'll just make something up!)

-- Dave

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