Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baracklyn Goes Big Time

Wow. I had a feeling that our Baracklyn promotion would be a big hit, but this has gone above and beyond even my abnormally-high expectations.

After receiving national exposure for what was hailed by several as "the promotion of the year," tickets went on sale this morning, and were gobbled up at breakneck speed. We've sold about 1,500 tickets in under three hours, and June 23rd is on pace to be one of the most popular games in franchise history!

I just listened to the Inauguration speech, and while I was a bit disappointed that the president didn't mention the Baracklyn Cyclones (how cool would that have been?) it was stirring, nonetheless.

June 23rd should be a fun night (even for non-Obama fans), and we're looking forward to the summer. Only a few more months to go!

-- Dave

UPDATE: We sold out of all the individual tickets we made available in less than 12 hours! You can still get to the June 23rd game if you buy Group Tickets, Season Tickets or a Mini Plan. Get more information here.

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Fazzino Pop Artist said...

Doohh! I missed my chance. Too busy getting ready for the Superbowl. Still, I hope everyone has a fun time. Real Cyclones fans might want to have a look at my Brooklyn Cyclones 3D Pop Art print. I really tried to get the flavor of a great day out at the park. Perhaps next time I'll add President Obama in there somewhere...