Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to BARACKLYN!

I'm so excited! This idea has been in the works for a while now, and I've been bursting at the seams waiting to tell people.

Until now, though, we've kept it as Top Secret as possible (except for Steve running it past everyone he knows, from Mets execs to the guy at the deli the immortal words of Charlie Samuels, "remind me never to rob a bank with this guy").

Anyway, the cat is finally
all the way out of the bag, as we announce today that the Brooklyn Cyclones will become the BARACKLYN CYCLONES on June 23rd, with special Economic Stimulus Package discounted tickets going on sale Tuesday January 20th -- Inauguration Day!

With Barack Obama set to usher in a new chapter in American history, I really think this is one of the timeliest, best, and most creative promotions we've ever done, from the name to the bobblehead to the jerseys, to the entertainment...everything about this night is going to be great! If you love Brooklyn, baseball, Barack, bobbleheads, or all of the above, I can't think of one good reason NOT to be at this game.

To find out more about the night, the creation of the promotion, or how to get tickets to the June 23rd game, check out our new satellite site,!

-- Dave


Anonymous said...

Steve should have run this by more than just the few fellow travelers he knows. I have a mini-plan - and buy tix to lots of other games - and I think this sucks. Have somebody throw out a first ball or somethin' so those of us who think Obama is a left-wing idiot can boo, and have over it. But to wear jerseys with Barack on them? Tooo much.

By the way, shouldn't there be a "Hussein" between the "k" and the "lyn"? And shouldn't there be a hammer and sickle patch on the sleeve?

Mike from Bensonhurst said...

Hey "Anonymous" (no real surprise there), maybe you haven't heard, but Obama is the President of the United States. And he won in a LANDSLIDE! Obviously there are a few people out there who do like him, and I'm one of them, so I'm excited about this night.

But guess what? If I didn't like him, or the night, I'd just stay home, or get over it. Get a sense of humor. If you want boring, bland, no creativity baseball, stick to MLB, or the SI Yanks.

Otherwise, suck it up, have a little fun, and learn to laugh. It's a bobblehead night in the minors. It ain't life or death.

Lisa Gav said...

Lighten up, Anonymous!

I am definitely not a pet person, never have been, never will be, but I still use my Season Tickets and go to "Bark in the Park" night.
I don't dress up for "Superhero Night", (although I was one of maybe 2 non-employee adults who did dress up for "Pirate Night")...
My ancestry is Italian, but have a blast at any and all of the "Heritage" nights.
I cringe when I see the Horses trampling the field during "Medieval Night", but still cheer.

Shall I go on? Everything is not for Everyone, but BASEBALL is for everyone!

Lisa Gav said...

PS-Go Cyclones! Go Brooklyn! Go Obama!

ILOVECYC said...


Anonymous said...

hey Mike, Obama did NOT win in a landslide...but the real issue is why do the Cyclones have to meddle in politics? would you have been okay with the Cyclones wearing Bushlyn Cyclones after 9/11? I wouldn't have been...maybe you think it's okay to p-off part of your fan base that doesn't like and didn't vote for Obama...teams should stay out of politics...and what a dopey comment about dogs and super comparison

Anonymous said...

by the way, what if some of the players don't support Obama's political views? is it appropriate for them to be used like walking billboards for a politician they may not support? and guess what Mike, dress codes imposed by an employer forcing an employee to endorse a particular party or politician are unlawful under state and federal law as violating New York labor law, NYC and NYS human rights laws and the first would you feel, Mike, if you showed up for work one day and your employer told you that you had to wear a button, a shirt or hat endorsing a politician or a political party you didn't like? would you think, ahh, it's just lighthearted, just a joke ha ha

Mike said...

Well, "Anonymous," I'm pretty sure most of the players on the Cyclones aren't Mets fans, but they wear that patch without a problem.

And yes, 5-to-1 is a landslide (that's what it was in Brooklyn).

And "Bushlyn" just sounds stupid...which, I guess, would have been an appropriate tribute to Dubya. By the way...wasn't it refreshing to hear a president give a speech who didn't sound like a learning-disabled third grader? Or who actually knew how to pronounce "nuclear?" It's been a while...about 8 years.

All I know is I got my baracklyn ticket, cricket...and I'll be there bright and early to try to get a bobblehead, too. Have fun sitting home and pouting and whining while the rest of us celebrate hope.