Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's Be Friends (or at least pseudo-communicate online with each other)

I have to admit, the whole concept of Facebook is still a bit strange to me. And I'm pretty sure it has obliterated the credibility of the word "friend" as we used to know it. But, before I spiral into a "When I was a kid, friends were people you'd fight for, and who would fight for you. You actually hung out with your friends, and even occasionally spoke to them! We didn't have cell phones, we didn't have email, we didn't have faces, and we didn't have books...and I used to walk 30 miles to school in the snow with no shoes on" tirade, I will say that I have come to learn that Facebook is a fantastic tool for reconnecting with people you may have lost touch with, and an easy (and somewhat addictive) way to stay up-to-date on the lives of your friends, family, acquaintances, and "friends."

Nowadays, everyone (and I mean everyone) is on Facebook. Therefore, it is an ideal method of disseminating information to a broad spectrum of people, whether that information is that "Jim can't wait to get home and see his cats" or "Brooklyn Cyclones Season Tickets are on sale now." (hint, hint)

Which brings me (finally) to my point.

The Cyclones have set up an official Facebook page (don't be fooled by's this one), on which you can become a "fan" (not a "friend"...much more appropriate) and get lots of great inside information and access to discounts & deals. Ideally, this will become a flourishing online community, in which fans can share thoughts, ask questions, get answers, interact with front office staff and team members...and probably talk a whole lot of smack.

We're in the early stages, but we already have over 900 fans. (Which, incidentally, is about 100 less than our two newbies in the office each have "friends." Really? 1,000 friends? Each? Really? Come on. I don't think I've even met 1,000 people in my whole life.)

There will be much more info and activity in the weeks and months to come, so join us on Facebook now to get in on the action.

Once we're rolling, you'll get updates, invites, and insight delivered right to your inbox, or to your favorite social network. Or, at the very least, you'll get status updates on your favorite front office members, and I'll try to make them as embarrassing as possible:
  • Gary is...rapidly getting wider and shorter.
  • Kevin is...angry. Again.
  • Steve is...trying to remember his password.
  • Joyce is...eating her third meal of the day. At 8:30am.
  • Pat is...hoping Brad Holt gets hurt so he rehabs in Brooklyn.
Things like that. It'll be fun.

See ya on Facebook!

-- Dave


Joyce said...

Someday, Dave, you're really going to hurt some feelings around here.

Rob F. said...

Joyce..You should know by now that Dave "The Tin Man" Campanaro doesn't have a heart. I could only think of a few people he had feelings for and Rocky Balboa is one of them...Keep writing Tin Man, keep writing.

Katie said...

I am what they would call a "lifer." In 2004 I was a junior in college and a friend said to me, "hey this kid from Harvard started a freshman Facebook type thing - you should join"... and nothing has ever been the same in my life. I have seen Facebook evolve from a half-known social networking site ONLY FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS (i.e. one could not sign up for access to the site unless your email address ended with ".edu") Yeah, I knew things had changed when my former church leader "requested me as a friend". Needless to stay I have seen the site change their design and logos and the many ways we can so freakishly find out information about other people's lives. I send and share birthday wishes, videos, news articles, artwork, emails and wonderful photographic memories with my family and friends through Facebook. (For those living more than 500 miles away from their family, you get this.) This saves paper, phone bills and that annoying "out of the loop" feeling.

Recently my 1,118 loyal Facebook "friends" were questioned by a colleague who is a distant second with 116 Facebook friends. (Burn, sorry.) The good news is all 1,118 of my friends will see my year-round promotion (read: free press) of all things Brooklyn Cyclones!

Now... back to reading status updates.