Friday, September 4, 2009

Down the Stretch We Come

The last three games of the season are upon us, and the Cyclones are locked into a playoff berth, but still battling for the division title. We've played about .500 ball over the last two weeks, but Staten Island has rattled off 13 wins in a row. So...these last three games will be interesting. We need some wins, and we'll be doing some scoreboard watching.

Making things even MORE interesting, we've got a superstar centerfielder playing for us these days -- Carlos Beltran!

Beltran is rehabbing with us on his way back to the majors, after being sidelined since June 22nd. It's always exciting to see star big leaguers like Beltran, Wright, LoDuca, Floyd, etc. take the field wearing the Brooklyn uniform.

Beltran is in the lineup again tonight, and may be with us throughout the weekend.

With the playoffs on the horizon next week, this Labor Day weekend should be a good one at the ballpark, filled with a pennant race, star sightings, fireworks, giveaways, and more.

-- Dave

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