Monday, September 14, 2009

The Veekies!

The Cyclones recently received a "Veekie Award" from ESPN The Magazine, in recognition of one of the best promotions of the year -- our Baracklyn Cyclones night!

The Veekies are highlighted on page 30 of the Sept. 21 edition of The Magazine (on stands now...Tim Tebow is on the cover). The award is named after the late Bill Veeck, who is hailed as baseball's ultimate showman (after Steve Cohen, of course).

As you probably remember, the Baracklyn Cyclones night was great fun, a huge success, and drew rave reviews around the world (except from McCain supporters, who didn't get the joke).

Earning the Veekie is a very cool nod to our hard work, and a great honor for us. (Perhaps more importantly, it gave me a legitimate excuse to email Amber/Obama Girl girl again!)
The '09 season has only been over for a few days, but we're already brainstorming about some big ideas for next season, too. Hopefully, this is only our first Veekie, and not our last!

-- Dave

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Lisa Gav said...

This ROCKS! How unbelievably cool. I got a kick out of reading the promotions of other teams as well. (And I will totally consider getting a tattoo if you'll give me free Season Tickets! Would I have to get 2 tatoos since I have a pair of tickets?!?! :)

Thanks, Dave, also for the "Cyclones of Life" recap. That's honestly one of the reasons I love reading (and often participating in) this blog.

Hope to read more in the off-Season...