Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Breakfast Club

This morning's Tuesday Morning Meeting (TMM) was preceded by an elegant breakfast, courtesy of Master Chef (and General Manager) Steve Cohen. Steve's been promising (threatening?) to unveil the office skillet at a TMM for a few months now, and this morning, to everyone's surprise, we all entered the conference room to the sweet smell of bacon!

What better way to stir up some brainstorming than with some brain food? Ham, eggs, cheese and bacon wrapped as a surprisingly delectable omelet was a great way to start the day. Seeing Steve do his best Gordon Ramsey impersonation was even better ("There will be no naysayers in my kitchen!" "Order up!" "You'll eat what I give you!").

After filling up, we hashed out some more ideas for the summer that are sure to make this Cyclones season the best yet. In addition to the omelets, Superhero Night, Pirate Night (aargh!), and Opening Day were on the menu at the TMM, and let's just say the fun ideas were flying faster than a speeding bullet (and some may even prove to be more powerful than a locomotive)!

Stay tuned to the Promotional Schedule for updates and specifics, with additions being made nearly every day! Remember, tickets go on sale this Sunday, the 4th at 9am, so pick the games with the promotions you like best and get them while you can!

And if you have any good breakfast recipes, send them to chefsteveinthekitchen@brooklyncycl...on second thought, my stomach's not feeling so hot right now. Maybe we should just order in next week!

-- Dave

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