Monday, April 14, 2008

Girl Scout Sleepover

There are a lot of things you experience when you work in minor league baseball. Some things you anticipate, like having to help pull tarp during questionable weather. One thing they did not tell me about in my job interview or when I was hired was that I would be sleeping over in the stadium on Girl Scouts Night during the 2007 season.

For those who have never tried it, there are few things more surreal than seeing an empty ballpark glow under the moon and stadium lights. On the field, instead of young players, are young girls, running around playing tag, doing cartwheels, or sitting with eyes glued to the movie (“Cars”) playing on the scoreboard. Their parents sit on blankets by their tents, chatting comfortably and preparing themselves for the night ahead. Meanwhile, I stay close to the media room for speaker volume control purposes, and settle myself with Elizabeth Lombardi (Community Relations Manager) on a suite balcony, eating peanuts and cracker jack while observing the fray of little girls below. I’d never had this kind of opportunity back when I was a Brownie, so I find myself living vicariously through the kids having fun below.

Leaving the party under the watchful eye of our security guards, Liz and I turn in for the the couches in the players’ locker room. This is an area where women are usually not allowed during the season. After a night spent there, I’m grateful for this rule! Let’s just say that men in their early twenties are generally not as meticulous as women about keeping a place neat and smelling like flowers.

When dawn breaks, the parents (who have superhuman levels of energy) are already up, having brought coffee and bagels with them. Little girls emerge sleepily from their tents, having exhausted themselves running the length of the outfield multiple times during the night. Liz and I head home to shower and catch a quick nap, before another game starts in a few hours. I’m glad it was a fun and memorable night for the Girl Scouts, and for me.

Our Girl Scouts Night will take place this year on Friday, June 27th, to all the Girl Scouts out there: come for the fireworks, stay for the sleepover! You can call me (718-37-BKLYN) or email me to set up your scout night sleepover today!

-- Joyce Huang
Account Executive

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