Friday, April 18, 2008

Online, All the Time

The Cyclones' website has become one of the most popular in all of minor league baseball, and we're always looking into new additions and functions to keep the site interesting, fun, and effective.

Our recent re-design has gotten rave reviews, streamlined the site, and helped us add new features (like the captivating blog you are currently reading).

In the coming weeks, you'll see even more additions -- a new splash page that will highlight the best of what we have going on, a new video component that will put us at the forefront of online multimedia, and much more. is the source for info on Brooklyn's favorite team.


Jim, Bay Ridge said...

The Cyclones' site isn't just the best in minor league baseball. It's the best in all of sports!

TB said...

I'm really liking the new look for the Cyclones' Web site. The only small problem is whatever pop-up is coming up, shows up just as a grey box. Just an FYI.

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