Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Message From Pee Wee

Hey boys and girls! Only about two more months till the Cyclones start playing games again! I can't wait! This off-season has been great as Sandy and I flew down to Florida to get some new and different experiences. We played on the beach and ate garbage and...well, I guess we did exactly what we do in Coney Island. But at least it was warmer down there.

I did fly up to New York recently (and boy, are my arms tired) to go to a young girl's birthday party! It was so much fun. We danced the cha-cha slide and the chicken dance (I still think it should be called the seagull dance). We ate cake and pizza and I even got the food before it went in the garbage! It was real nice of them to feed me. We played in the ball pit...there were red ones, green ones, blue, orange and yellow. Lots of fun. I was sad, though, because I didn't fit in the slide. My beak was too big. I think I also have put on some weight this off-season and Sandy tells me I need to lose it in time for beach season. Maybe I should fly with the Mets as they travel around the country. I could fly next to their plane and make sure everyone is safe. I do have almost five years of flying experience, you know.

Speaking of which, I'm turning five years old this summer, so I'll be celebrating a birthday of my own! I'm wishing that I get a new baseball glove. And maybe sign a one-day contract with the Cyclones to play SP (Seagull Pitcher)!

In the meantime, if you or someone you know is having a birthday, and you'd like me to help you celebrate, you can contact my friend Elizabeth! She is a really nice lady who lets me know where I should fly to next.

Well, I best be going now. Sandy is calling me to go take some BBBP (Brooklyn Bird Batting Practice). We have to get ready for Opening Day!

See ya soon!

-- Pee Wee The Seagull

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Anonymous said...

pee wee love the blog buddy! keep up the great work that you do! enjoy the rest of the season GO CYCLONES