Thursday, June 26, 2008

Borough of Church's (and no, that's not a typo)

Get it? Instead of "Borough of Churches?" Because Ryan Church is going to play here? So it's "Church's borough?" Get it? Oh well. Maybe everyone doesn't get a kick out of puns and punctuation the way I do. It's the curse of growing up in a house with two teachers.

The point is, Ryan Church is going to be rehabbing with the Cyclones tonight. Church was having a breakout season for the Mets before an ugly collision with Yuniel Escobar's knee on a double play that left him bloody and concussed (one of my favorite words, but from experience I can tell you one of the worst feelings you can have) and put him out of action since June 6th.

Church is now making his way back to the bigs, and is slated to become the 11th Met to rehab with the Cyclones (can you name the other 10? Answers below). Traditionally, seeing a Mets star in Brooklyn has been among the highlights of the summer for Cyclones fans. Tsuyoshi Shinjo was the first, and helped bring the Cyclones' popularity overseas. Paul LoDuca signed autographs till midnight (and hit a home run), Cliff Floyd stood with kids on the field for the National Anthem. It's always interesting when a major leaguer enters the already-energetic atmosphere of Brooklyn baseball.

So come out to the ballpark tonight (stop's barely drizzling, and there are great seats still available), and cheer on Ryan Church and the Cyclones!
  • See what Ryan Church had to say on BCTV after taking BP at KeySpan Park
-- Dave

PS: Shinjo, Tom Martin, Joe McEwing, Mike Stanton, Kaz Matsui, Floyd, Alay Soler, Moises Alou, LoDuca, and Ramon Castro are the other 10 Mets to rehab with the Cyclones, in that chronological order. Did you get them all?

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