Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pizza Party!

Elizabeth Lombardi is the Cyclones' Community Relations Manager, and organizes many of the team's initiatives throughout the borough, and beyond.

When I tell people that I work for the Brooklyn Cyclones, they always ask me "What do you do during the off season?" Well, just like everyone else who works here, I'm quite busy promoting the Cyclones -- and I do so through various community programs.

You may have a heard of a few of them (and if you haven't, you will now) – Take Your Base (June 28th), Diamond Dreams, S.T.R.I.K.E. & one of my favorites, the Cyclones Fundraising Program (CFP).

The CFP is designed to help schools raise funds by selling Cyclones tickets (kind of like a candy sale, but baseball lasts much longer than chocolate!). Students are given incentives to encourage greater sales. Top-selling classes can win free Cyclones tickets, autographed items and even calls visits from Cyclones players!

Yesterday morning, I was accompanied by Pee Wee and two of our pitchers, Mike Lynn & Eric Beaulac, as we went to congratulate the 5th grade class (Class 5-205) of P.S. 236 for selling the most ticket vouchers.

The students were thrilled to see the players walk into their classroom (and maybe even more ecstatic to learn that they'd be getting free pizza)! After lunch, Mike & Eric signed autograph, took pictures and gave some pitching advice to the top selling student. Thomas, sold 106 vouches and will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch prior to the Thursday, June 26th game vs. the Aberdeen Ironbirds.

Seeing the kids interact with the Cyclones is one of my favorite parts of the job. The interaction reminds me of stories of the Dodgers living in Brooklyn, and being "regular neighborhood guys." I like to think we're creating a whole new batch of memories for a new generation of Brooklyn baseball fans, who will grow up with the Cyclones.

I would like to thank all the schools that participated in the Cyclones Fundraising Program;

P.S. 100, P.S. 163, P.S. 193, P.S. 217, P.S. 222, P.S.236

We hope to see you, and others, again next year!

-- Elizabeth

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Eddie said...

What's up with Reese Havens' elbow? I'm dying to see the kid play.