Friday, June 27, 2008

The Rolling Roster

You ready for this?

Matias Carrillo is transferred to the Kingsport roster, but will stay in Brooklyn. Eric Beaulac is transferred to the Kingsport roster (and will actually go to Kingsport). Ike Davis is assigned to Brooklyn after being signed by the Mets. Davis will wear #43. Nick Giarraputo is transferred to the Savannah roster. Davis is switching to #19. Matias Carrillo is transferred back to Brooklyn (where he was the whole time). Ryan Church begins a rehab assignment with Brooklyn. Church will wear #19. Davis will switch back to #43. Brandon Kawal is transferred to the Kingsport roster, but will stay in Brooklyn. Dan Murphy begins a rehab assignment in Brooklyn. No one knows what number Murphy will wear.

Those are just some of the changes the Brooklyn roster has experienced in the last, oh, two days or so. Start to see how it can get a little complicated and confusing?

At our level, the roster changes literally almost every day. I'm in at 8:45am-ish (even though Kawal believes I show up for work in time for first pitch and leave as soon as the last out is made) to update that roster and get it to the printer so we can get our inserts in time to be handed out when the gates open. Usually, approximately 20 seconds after I get it all laid out and sent, someone else is added, removed, or has their number changed.

Sometimes I know in advance, and sometimes I know if I see a new guy walk in the back door...or an old guy with a new never really know until you see the player in uniform on the field.

Some number changes are legendary in the press box. Luz Portobanco once switched numbers because his original one was apparently stolen and later seen on a guy at the gas station down the road. Dylan Owen switched between 40 and 30 more times than Ralph Henriquez against Pat Venditte.

So if you see a player enter the game and he's not on your roster, don't worry...he might not be on mine, either. And by the time he's on both of ours, he might have a different name (Roberto Solano became Ambiorix Concepcion), number (this means you, Owen), or team (has anyone seen Derran Watts?), anyway.

So sit back, and cheer for the guys on the field...whoever they are! As long as it says "Brooklyn" on the front, that's all that really matters!

-- Dave

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