Monday, February 23, 2009

More for Your Money

I'm not going to break into a recession song and dance, like Wolverine did last night, but in a time when we are flooded by the gloom and doom of the current economic crisis, I do want to point out once again that there is absolutely no better entertainment value for your dollar than Brooklyn Cyclones baseball.

Really, it's almost silly how much you get for your money when you buy a Cyclones ticket. Tickets range from just $5 to $15, and in addition to seeing baseball's stars of tomorrow and a team that has made the playoffs in five of eight seasons, you practically make your money back with all the free things we give you, throw at you, or let you win.

Almost every game has a free giveaway, a fireworks show, or some type of special appearance. You are literally handed free goodies as you walk into the park, more free stuff is tossed into the stands all game long, and just in case you still have any space left in your hands, pockets, fanny packs, or kangaROOS, we give you more swag as you leave the park. T-Shirts, collectibles, baseball caps, bobbleheads, bumper stickers, balloons, baseballs -- there's no end to what you'll be loading in your car at the end of the night, along with all the great memories.

And I don't mean to sound like the ShamWow guy, but "wait...there's more!" (You following me, camera guy?) When you buy a ticket plan, or a block of group tickets, you get even more great stuff for free!

This year, we're introducing the Grub Club, which lets you eat for free at every game in your plan, and the We Win, You Win plan, which lets you legally bet on the Cyclones! (Well, kind of...if we win any of the games in that plan, you get FREE tickets to another game!) When you buy 20 or more tickets as a group, you get discounted prices, and every single member of your group gets a free high-quality Cyclones cap.

It's really kind of ridiculous. Can you imagine going to the movies (a similar $10-$12 venture) and having an usher give you a free t-shirt, free food, and telling you that if you like the movie, you can come back and see another one for free? Of course not.

With all of the action on and off the field, there is just no better way to beat the recession than by getting tickets to see the Cyclones! A night out to entertain yourself, your friends, and your family for less than $15, and loads of free stuff that makes you feel like you're getting a big-company bailout.

Like Mr. ShamWow says, "I don't sells itself."

(Of course, it doesn't actually sell itself, so go to to get your tickets today!)

-- Dave

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