Monday, February 9, 2009


You may recall that a while back, I cast some celebs to play the parts of my colleagues in a hypothetical Brooklyn Cyclones movie. My favorite part about the whole activity was that I changed the pictures on their online profiles, and didn't tell them about it.

Word spread pretty quickly, unfortunately, and I've even gotten requests from family members to please take down some of the faux-tos in particular.

The pics are still up there, but since then, I've tinkered from time to time with other aspects of their profiles. For example, some of them may not actually know about the nicknames they have listed. Recently, Arnold Shortzenegger, Trick Daddy, and The Spy have all called me asking questions like: "When did you change my nickname?" (A while ago.) "What does that nickname even mean?" (If I told you, that would kill the joke.) "What the hell is wrong with you?" (Lots and lots.) and "Don't you have anything better to do?" (Unfortunately, no.)

Here's where you can get in on the joke. In most cases, the colleagues in question are either unaware or unappreciative of their new nicknames. So, of course, I think we should use them as frequently as possible. When you see your favorite staff member this summer, or when you call to place a ticket order, drop one of the nicknames into the conversation every once in a while and then pretend nothing's out of the ordinary. (Mini Plans are on sale now, by the way, so it's a good time to call 718-37-BKLYN)

Let's see who cracks first! It'll be fun.

-- Dave


Joyce said...

I'm starting to understand why Steve won't let us do Vigilante Justice Night.

Rebecca said...

Someone actually asked me about WWF once while on a phone call, after you listed it as my favorite show (that's what I got for not filling out my bio in a timely manner). On more than one occasion, I received an email that addressed me as "CD" - I wonder who came up with that endearing nickname for me...

CYCLONES FAN 09 said...

As a fan, it would be nice to see the REAL photos of your Front Office staff. These people should be recognized so people can see the faces behind the hardworking staff. Not Steve Guttenberg, Tony Danza or Brad Pitt!

Dave said...

Trust're better off seeing what you're seeing. The Gute, Tony D., and Mr. Pitt are all major improvements!