Monday, May 10, 2010

The Blogosphere is Buzzing

This is why Buzz Bissinger hates Will Leitch (and all other bloggers, for that matter, including me).  

The venerable author of Friday Night Lights (great show, by the really should be watching it) berated the founder of Deadspin a while back on HBO's Costas Now.  (Don't just take my word for it without doing any the NY Times article.)

Among other things, Bissinger argued that "blogs are dedicated to cruelty, they’re dedicated to dishonesty, (and) they’re dedicated to speed.” He also castigated the medium's authors for “not letting the facts get in the way” of writing whatever they want.  Ol' Buzz couldn't have summed up this blog better if he tried.

This space is, has been, and always will be (unless I get fired and it gets shut down tomorrow) one big inside joke between Cyclones fans and employees.  

We didn't really hire Eric Byrnes so he could be a ringer on our softball team (although, Eric, if you're reading this, the offer's still out there...we need a centerfielder).  Steve didn't really get lost in Prospect Park or tap dance in the rain while making up words to songs from Wicked.  Gary doesn't really wear size 7X boxers.  Alexa didn't really wear an electronic dog collar.  A bunch of staff members didn't really play baseball for 24 straight hours and wind up sending half the office to the emergency room.  I don't really look like Brad Pitt's younger, in-better-shape, long-lost twin broth...OK, I'll admit that every example from that last paragraph actually was true, except for the Byrnes thing, but I'm sure there's been lots of fake stuff, too.

The point is...well, there really isn't much of a point.  And I guess that's the point!  This blog is simply fun and (hopefully) funny.  Don't take it too seriously.  And by "too seriously," I mean "even remotely seriously at all."

And above all else, don't report anything you see in this space as real news!  Except for the part about me looking like Brad Pitt.  That can be a cover story, if you'd like.

-- Dave

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