Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is This Heaven? Nah. It's Brooklyn.

I debated using a catchier title, like "Catch the Fun," "Catch the Action," "Catching Up With Dad," or "Catching Father's Day Fever" but eventually thought better of it.

The bottom line, if you haven't caught on yet (sorry...once you get started it's hard to stop) is that this Father's Day (June 21st), we're inviting dads and their kids to have a catch on the field at KeySpan Park, right before our 5pm game against the rival Staten Island Yankees.

Having a catch with your dad is one of the pivotal moments of childhood for most normal, human, American kids (not you, don't meet any of those criteria). Ray Kinsella was so messed up about not having a catch with his dad that he bulldozed his crops, built a baseball field in his backyard, and started talking to ghosts. And then millions of grown men watched a movie about it and bawled their eyes out like little babies. (Not me. I'm way too tough for that.)

(sniffle, sniffle...OK, OK, I admit gets me every time.)

So make sure you bring your husband, father, kids, step-father, father-in-law -- whoever -- to KeySpan Park on June 21st for a Father's Day catch. It's also Bucket Cap night, a Nathan's Four Pack Combo Night, and kids get to run the bases after the game. There's really no better or more fun way to spend the day (especially starting at just eight bucks a ticket).

And anyway, if you don't have a catch with the old man, you might wind up kidnapping Darth Vader and being forced to listen to his monologues, talking to dead people, or trying to build a ballfield on Avenue U with your bare hands or something.

It could happen. I'm just saying.

-- Dave


Dave said...

Take that, Ben Hill! Joyce has never seen Field of Dreams, never heard of a "field," and doesn't know what it means to "dream."

Plus, she's never had a catch in her life. I've seen better hands on a snake. Joyce couldn't catch a turtle in a footrace. She couldn't catch a fish in a barrel. She couldn't catch a cold in an Emergency Room.

She's an alien robot...and you want HER writing more blog entries instead of me?

I think not, sir.

I. Think. Not.

Joyce said...

I see how it is. Hell hath no fury like an aging, former college shortstop scorned.

Brooklyn Cyclones said...

Hitting below the belt, huh? Just HAD to throw that "aging" in there, didn't you?

I'm not angry...just hurt and disappointed. I thought we bloggers stuck together.

"Clicks over Chicks" (trademark, patent pending) and all that.

But now I see how it REALLY is.

Nick D'Arienzo said...

Dave -

This is a great idea!
And thanks for making me check out that FIELD OF DREAMS clip again, it's been a while, but was actually even better than I remembered.

Anyway, please stay in touch so we can help you promote such a fantastic Father's Day idea.

Nick D'Arienzo, BROOKLYN STAR Newspapers