Monday, April 13, 2009

Mailbag Monday!

Our previous installment of the mailbag was such a big hit that the questions have come flowing in from around the galaxy. This week's satchel is chock-full of questions from places like Brooklyn, California, Germany...and even Mars! Let's open it up and see what's inside...

Q: How exciting is it to see players make it to the majors after starting their careers in Brooklyn?
- Rob D., Bay Ridge

It's always a big thrill when one of our alumni makes it to the majors. We all play "scout" at some point or another, making predictions or pulling for our personal favorite guys. When a former Cyclone makes it to the big leagues, Brooklyn fans feel like they have a special connection to that player, and so do those of us in the front office. We all feel like we played a small role in his path to the bigs, and we root a little extra hard for someone with any type of roots in our borough. The back page of the Daily News when Danny Garcia became the first Cyclone in the majors is still hanging on my wall. There have been 20 others since then, and the list is growing each year.

What's funny is that it doesn't matter how long the player was in Brooklyn. Dan Murphy was only here for about 10 games, but to Cyclones fans, he'll always be one of ours.

Q: Why can’t I find any information on the website about when individual tickets go on sale?
- Joyce H.,

Our on-sale date is shrouded in secrecy, and the information is locked inside a vault inside a hatch 17 miles below the earth's surface. A former intern (we'll call him Billy) has been down there for months, and has to enter a specific sequence of numbers into a computer every 16 minutes, or else the world will end the on-sale date will be released into the atmosphere.

We're planning to release the on-sale date (and some other info) to the public early next week, so hang on, Billy. Hang on.

Q: Who would you rather spend a day with, Mike Piazza or the fictional character of Rocky Balboa?
- Commander Blorg, The Red Planet

Well, Commander, I don't know who is tutoring you on the intricacies of Earth's culture, but I can't figure out why you refer to Rocky as "fictional." He's as real as you or I.

With that being said, your question is a tough one. On one hand, you have one of the world's greatest athletes...a man who has transcended his sport to provide inspiration to millions, has risen from humble beginnings against all odds to become a legendary icon of his generation, has stared down his fiercest competitors to achieve everlasting glory, and has fought his way through every obstacle in his path to turn tragedy into triumph. And on the other hand, you have Rocky. And, well, he's done all those things, too.

It's almost impossible to choose. It's like when parents who have two kids tell you they don't love one more than the other...they just love them differently (which I still think was just a way to let my sister down easy). It's like the Sophie's Choice of pop culture.

When push comes to shove, though, I would have to choose Rocco. I have so many questions for him. What was it like to go the distance with Creed? Who punched harder, Drago or Clubber? How could Tommy Gunn have turned on you like that? Where can I get one of those robot maids?

Yup, I'd definitely spend the day with Rocky...but maybe we'll call Mikey P. just to talk.

Q: If you could have any pitcher past or present have to make a rehab start for the Cyclones who would you want see?
- Lucy L., Hollywood, CA

Obviously, there are some tough choices here, too. Who wouldn't want to see Cy Young, Bob Feller, Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, etc. take the mound one more time. But for me, personally, I'd have to go with Dwight Gooden, circa 1985 or '86. I grew up with that team, and the '86 Mets were my heroes (still are, for that matter).

We've had HoJo, Bobby Ojeda, Tim Teufel, Mookie, Gary Carter, Darryl Strawberry, and my all-time favorite, Keith Hernandez, at KeySpan Park, so seeing Doctor K in a Cyclones uni would just about make my baseball life complete.

Q: If you were to try and sell a Mini Plan to our president which one would you try and sell him?
- Dave T., Bensonhurst

The obvious answer in the Fireworks Plan, since it includes his night -- Baracklyn Cyclones Night on June 23rd -- and lots of fireworks shows, which are synonymous with patriotism. But that's too easy.

Maybe he'd like the Grub Club since it's a stmulus plan for families, filled with free food and low-priced tickets. Still too easy.

The Prez is a busy man, obviously, so maybe he'd like to unwind with the family on Saturdays and Sundays with a Weekend Plan...or maybe use the Hump Day plan to help him get through the work week with a Wednesday pick-me-up.

Mr. Obama is a sports enthusiast, and a competitor, so maybe he'd be more interested in the Rivals Plan, in which he can watch some of the most high-intensity games of the year...or the We Win, You Win Plan, in which every Cyclones victory leads to free tickets.

With a wife, two daughters, a new dog, and a new job, he's probably used to scrambling a bit, so maybe the Scramble Plan would appeal to his frenetic new lifestyle.

The bottom line is that there's a Mini Plan for everyone, even the President, and I'm sure he can find the right one in less time (and with much less of a hassle) than it took to settle on Bo.

Why doesn’t Relish ever win?
- Nathan S., Coney island

He's won a couple of races throughout the years, but everyone's favorite underDOG is a little, well, goofy, to put it nicely, and he's not the most athletically gifted of weiners. He's also easily distracted, and a little bit gullible, so Ketchup and Mustard use that to their advantage.

I've seen ol' Relly in the weight room quite a bit this offseason, though. He's been hitting the weights (literally, he just stands there and hits them...I don't think he quite understands), and running on the treadmill (sometimes it's even turned on), so I think he's primed for a big year. Don't count him out just yet.

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-- Dave