Monday, April 6, 2009


With apologies to The Sports Guy, we at the Blog are happy to bust open our own mailbag, filled with comments and questions from you, the loyal readers. Without further ado, let's see what the mailbag brings us today:

Q: Seeing eight former Brooklyn players on MLB Opening Day rosters made me think...who is your all-time favorite Cyclone?
-- Jack J., Mill Basin

Very tough question. Most of my "favorites" are in that category because of their personalities, or their interactions with fans or front-office staff off the field, rather than straight performance or talent. And sometimes both things overlap. The short answer is that my "favorite" players ever were Ross Peeples and Brett Kay, from the 2001 squad. They were both great players that year, but they were even better people, and helped the Cyclones almost as much off the field as they did on it. And that's saying a lot. The most exciting player I've ever seen play here was probably Ambiorix Concepcion, who could do it all.

Q: What's in store for the fans this year that we haven't seen before?
-- Mark L., Bay Ridge

I like to think there's something at every game that you haven't seen before! At any given moment, a pink ape might start throwing t-shirts into the crowd, a giant seagull might start shooting a water gun at the opposing team, fireworks might go off in the middle of the game, there might be a sword fight in front of the dugout, or you might see pirates, superheroes, clowns, fire breathers, or the majors' next big star.

In terms of specifics, this summer will bring you the Baracklyn Cyclones (June 23), Ode to Odd Sports Night (July 15), a paint-it-yourself bobblehead (July 19), and some other fun stuff we're expecting that I can't quite divulge just yet. Check out the whole Promo Schedule for more details.

Q: Why are you always picking on Gary?
-- Gary P., Staten Island

He just makes it so easy.

Q: I keep hearing the Coney Island is "closed." Is that true? And what does that mean?
-- Ken H., Huntington

Nothing could be further from the truth. Coney Island officially opened this past weekend, and there is lots in store for the upcoming summer. The Cyclone roller coaster, Deno's Wonder Wheel, and other attractions will still thrill (and chill) riders of all ages. Nathan's and the New York Aquarium are still "musts" for the Big Apple's tourists and long-time residents alike. There are weekly concerts and fireworks shows, parades, sideshows, the hot-dog eating contest, the beach, the boardwalk, and, of course, Cyclones baseball.

Coney Island is still one of the best, most exciting, most interesting places to spend a summer day or night. As the slogan says, it's really fun, and really open.

Q: How can I get my question answered in a mailbag blog entry?
Jill R., Park Slope

You just did! Send any and all mailbag questions to, and then stay tuned.

-- Dave

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