Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cyclones Fans Unite!

As many of you know, the Brooklyn Cyclones are always striving for world domination. We figure that we should start with minor-league baseball domination, and we need your help!

We are in the greatest borough in the greatest city in the entire world, and yet we are losing the battle for minor-league baseball social-networking dominance!

Many of you have started to follow our Twitter feed (BKCyclones). We love your comments and continued support. Keep it coming!

It might take some time for us to achieve utter world dominance, but as far as the Twitter-universe you can help us with that right now! We want to be the #1 minor-league baseball franchise on Twitter, and to do that, we need to take down the big dog… the Saint Paul Saints.

The Saints are in Minnesota (come on...Minnesota?) and are the the flagship minor-league baseball franchise owned and operated by the well-known Goldklang Group, whose principle owners include Bill Murray (gunga-galunga), and Mike Veeck.

You thought we were nuts? The Saints give even us a run for our money! Even so, St. Paul Minnesota has a population under 300,000. Under 300,000?! And we are going to let the greatest borough in the whole world lose to them? To a team in Minnesota? They have, like, more lakes than people!

The Cyclones ARE Brooklyn! And Brooklyn doesn't like to lose. So follow us on Twitter now. By supporting us in this cause we might not be able to end world hunger or decree that Donald Trump must get a haircut (yet), but we can dominate the minor-league baseball Twitter-verse…and then THE WORLD!

-- Andrew

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anthony0358 said...

Anything to help the Cyclones!