Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mailbag Mon...Wednesday?

In honor of the fact that we usually hold our "Tuesday Morning Meetings" on Wednesdays or Fridays, I've decided to open up the Monday mailbag today...alliteration be damned!

Q: I heard Opening Day is sold out – are you going to release Standing Room Only tickets? If so, when and how does that work?
-- Jim T., Brighton Beach

Field Box Seats, Box Seats, and Bleacher Seats for Opening Day (June 19th) are, indeed, sold out. However, we'll be putting Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets on sale on May 30th. You'll be able to get them online, by phone, or at the ticket windows at that time. SRO tix get you into the ballpark, but without an assigned seat. We ask that you stand on the Concourse Level until the 4th inning, at which point you can look for an available seat in the General Admission Bleacher area.

Q: Are any of the new Beach Bums into chubby tech geeks?
-- Pat T., Ticket Office

I'm going to say no. Just a guess.

Q: I just got a new pocket schedule and was wondering how you got the Darryl Strawberry bobblehead to look so realistic.
-- Janet P., Bay Ridge

Well, I have to let you in on a little secret. We didn't have the bobblehead proof when we went to press on the pocket schedule, so KJ used the magic of photoshop to create a "composite" image made up of an old bobblehead, an actual head shot of the Strawman, and a cap we had sitting around the office. The end result is either really impressive or really freaky-looking. You be the judge.

The good news is that we have since gotten a proof of the real Strawbobble, and it looks great! I think we really captured that classic stance that Straw had, plus the batting gloves and big wristbands were a trademark of his. Any Straw fan would be able to pick out that stance and that look right away. Be the first to see it here. And make sure you get a free Strawbobble by buying tix to the August 3rd game and getting here nice and early!

Q: Who is the best-looking person in the office?
-- Diana W., Windsor Terrace

Well, if you go by our official website staff pictures, it's obviously me. However, if you go by our actual faces...oh, who am I kidding? It's still me. (Power of the press! No one else knows the password to the Blog to debate me on this point! Mwah hah hah hah!)

Unless, of course, Steve is reading this right now. Then it's Steve. Without a doubt.

Q: Why do the "post-game" fireworks sometimes go off during the game?
-- Larry M., Bed-Stuy

Good question. Our Friday Night Fireworks games are run in conjunction with Coney Island's summer-long Friday night fireworks shows, and there are time contraints regarding how late a show can actually start. If our game is running late (which they do without fail on Fridays, of course), they will hold the fireworks until as close to 10pm as possible, but at 10, they must go off. That is why, at 10 to 10 every Friday night, you can find Steve anxiously sitting near the entrance to the field, in communication with the umpires and cursing every error, pitching change, walk, or basically any play that extends the game longer than necessary.

Once in a while, the game will have to be played during the fireworks show, or delayed because of it, but it's just another part of the unexpected fun at a Cyclones game!

Q: Who is more likely to start a fight -- Kevin Mahoney or Ron Artest?
-- Jim D., Greenpoint

Hmmmm. Tough one. If it's during an NBA basketball game, while lying on a scorer's table after geting a technical foul, and a bottle of water thrown from the stands hits them in the head, then I'd say Artest.

In any other situation, it's Mahoney.

If you have any burning questions for the Blog, send them to, and then stay tuned.

-- Dave

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anthony0358 said...

oh yes I recall many Friday nights from my seats seeing people on the pier waiting for the show to start

Friday night Cyclones games are the best

Most beautiful person in the office
Elizabeth "Red Bull" Lombardi