Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pink & Black Tie

Several of us are headed to the American Cancer Society's Pink & Black Tie Gala this evening, in support of the wonderful work that ACS does. We've partnered with ACS throughout the years on various projects, including our annual Take Your Base 5K Run/Walk on the Coney Island boardwalk. (June 21st this year. You can learn more, donate, or sign up now.)

It should be a fun night...but there's a small problem/debate going on in the office already (shocking).

Check out the name of the event again. The "Pink & Black Tie Gala."

Pink. And. Black.

If you were getting dressed for such an event, what colors do you think you'd likely wear? Pink, maybe? Black, perhaps?

How about if the invite said something like this:
Hosted by Brooklyn’s own Stacy London of TLC’s What Not to Wear, the first annual Spring Gala of the Brooklyn Regional office promises to be a night to remember. Whether it’s a pink boa, black tie or those spandex pants at the back of the closet, guests are encouraged to incorporate pink and black into their evening attire.
Well, I thought that just about said it all. I put on a nice dark suit, a pink shirt, a black tie, and walked out the door (despite feeling a bit garish and wanting to act as manly as possible to overcompensate...especially since I was also carrying my daughter's pink lunchbox, pink ballet bag, pink backpack, and she was wearing a pink raincoat and toting a pink umbrella. About the only way I could have been more flamboyantly pink would have been to do this.).

No problem, I thought. It's for a good cause, and anyway, since everyone going will be wearing something similar, it's kind of like a uniform...anything looks OK when everyone's wearing it.

So, I walk into the office and...Steve's wearing a white shirt and tan pants. Kevin's wearing a blue shirt, a yellow tie, and navy pants. KJ's wearing a green shirt and tan pants. Ricky's at least dressed in black from head to toe, but I think that was more of an homage to Johnny Cash than having anything to do with the gala. And Gary's wearing a grey and white velour jumpsuit, like he was just out on the town with Vito Spatafore or Paulie Walnuts (he's not even going to the gala, but it's just too funny to pass up).

Kevin then proceeded to tell me that I was "corny" for wearing pink, and when I pointed out the invitation language to him, he commented that "it is 'encouraged.' 'Encouraged' is the key word. I'm 'encouraged' to do things all the time that I don't do. People 'encourage' me to be nicer every day. How's that working out?"

Whatever. Call me Pinky Tuscadero all you want (I always liked her sister better). I know I did the right thing. And when we get to the gala and you're sticking out like this, don't try to hide behind me!

-- Dave

UPDATE: Stacy London hates Steve for not wearing pink and black. Well, that and not bidding in the charity auction because he told her he was "saving for a new bathroom." But I think it was mainly the pink and black thing.

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Anonymous said...

Bret "The Hitman" Hart made a career out of wearing pink and black. Real men wear pink!