Friday, May 15, 2009

Dance (Team) Fever

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

KJ and I have been asked to be judges during Saturday's Beach Bum Dance Team tryout (perks of seniority, I guess). I plan on doing my best Simon Cowell, while KJ has promised to start every sentence with "dawg" that day.

In all seriousness, the Beach Bum squad is being revamped this year, and Saturday's audition is the first step in that process. We're looking for talented, high-energy, experienced dancers who will add another dimension to the in-game entertainment at KeySpan Park.

We've already got a new coach signed on (Avrey), with years of amateur and professional experience, and she, Liz, and Alexa are intent on making the new & improved Beach Bums one of the most exciting aspects of the ballpark's atmosphere this summer.

On any given night, Cyclones fans get clowns, giant seagulls, fireworks, giveaways, a crazy king, face painters, balloon sculptors, superheroes, caped hot dogs, and pink apes...making each night at the ballpark about so much more than just baseball (although we're pretty good at that, too). Add the new-look Beach Bums to the mix, and I'm pretty sure we've got something for everyone -- of all ages and tastes. And with tickets as low as $8 a game, there's no question you get the most for your money when you spend a night with the Cyclones!

So get your dancing shoes on, and join us this summer to see the new Beach Bums...and everything else we've got in store!

-- Dave

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anthony0358 said...

The Beach Bums have been such a wonderful group for the last 6 Seasons of Cyclones Baseball
I want to thank every member of the group over the last 6 seasons for all their hard work and making these games such a special experience for all of us fans!
Good luck everyone during the Auditions on Saturday