Thursday, June 25, 2009

Johnny & Ollie

Just got word (thanks, Billy) that John Maine and Oliver Perez are going to be pitching for the Cyclones this weekend, on rehab assignments.

No offense to Tom Martin, Mike Stanton, or Alay Soler, but Maine and Perez will be the biggest pitchers ever to rehab with Brooklyn. Maine's start will, unfortunately, be in Aberdeen on Saturday night, but Brooklyn fans will get to see Perez at KeySpan Park on Sunday.

Ollie's sporting a new mohawk and (more importantly) apparently has his mid-90's fastball working, so it should be a fun night at the park!

Ol-lie! Ol-lie! Ol-lie! Ol-lie!

By the way, Ollie...we're undefeated at home. No pressure.

-- Dave

UPDATE: Just saw on SNY that Maine got another cortisone shot and will miss his next start. So he won't be pitching at Aberdeen. Maybe it'll work out that we get him at home whenever he's ready. We'll see.

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anthony0358 said...

Its going to be a great day to attend a Cyclones Game
Sunday with Ollie pitching