Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We should, like, get a website, or something

Call me a visionary, but I have a hunch this whole "internet" thing is going to be huge.

Steve and I attended a panel discussion this morning, as part of Internet Week in New York, that talked about building brands online. Special thanks to Bill Sobel of Sobel Media who set up the panel and invited us to attend.

Some great insights across the board, with one of the focuses being interactive content. We're dipping our feet into those waters here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter, and we'll be doing even more this summer on YouTube, BCTV, and the like.

Everyone talks about "going viral" and I thought that one of the more interesting comments from the panelists was that nine times out of 10, you don't set out with a goal to "go viral." You set out to generate good content, and it takes off...in many cases, almost accidentally.

Ben Relles, of barelypolitical.com, and Amber Lee Ettinger, of Obama Girl fame, talked about simply wanting to create a funny skit. That skit went on to become an overnight sensation that literally changed their lives. (Who knows? Since Obama Girl has such a big crush, I think there's a good chance she'll show up to Baracklyn Night! I hope so...since now I have a crush on her!)

-- Dave

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Bill Sobel said...

Thank you for the nice words Dave...it was a pleasure seeing you and Steve...truth be told...The Obama Girl is a Baracklyn Cyclones fan!