Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jewish Heritage Night

Pat Toy is a large, fair-haired, Irish-Catholic New Hampshireian (Hampshirite? Hampster?) account executive in the Cyclones ticket office. So, naturally, he's in charge of Jewish Heritage Night in Brooklyn. Below, Pat checks in on the blog with an update on the night (luckily, Andrew Stern helped him with some of the vocab):

Here’s my shpiel...ever wonder who is the greatest Jewish baseball player of all time?

Some say Hank Greenberg, others say Brooklyn’s own Sandy Koufax, and Cyclones’ employees are forced to say Steve Cohen. (He can be a bit of a shmegegge, but we love him.)

On Jewish Heritage Night you will be able to meet the man who puts the argument to rest, Howard Megdal. Howard is the author of The Baseball Talmud: The Definitive Position-by-Position Ranking of Baseball's Chosen Players. Howard will be signing copies of his book and will be available to schmooze and answer any of your favorite "Hammering Hebrews"-related questions.

You’ll absolutely plotz when you see all of the pre-game festivities we have in store for you! We’ll nosh on knishes when we have our knish eating contest. And we’ll supply the chairs and music...you just bring your dancing shoes, because we’re also getting our hora on in center field before the game.

All that, plus the first 2,500 fans in attendance will receive Brooklyn Cyclones’ Playing Cards presented by Harrah’s.

The game is on Tuesday, 7/7, with first pitch at 7pm, and tickets start at… $8 (so close). So get your tickets now, and grab the Manischewitz, because it’s time to party like it’s passach at Mel’s house (the good one) with the Brooklyn Cyclones on Jewish Heritage Night.


-- Pat


anthony0358 said...

Its going to be another great season of Cyclones Baseball!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely hilarious!