Thursday, June 4, 2009

Movin' On Up

Congratulations to former Cyclones pitchers Brad Holt, Jenrry Mejia, and Edgar Ramirez on their recent call-ups to Double-A Binghamton. Holt and Mejia pitched for the Cyclones just last year, while The Donkey (Ramirez) was the most popular kid in class in 2007 -- a star both on and off the field, who's an all-time favorite of fans and front office staff alike.

The trio's addition means that 22 current members of the B-Mets roster were at one point Cyclones. Holt, Mejia, Stephen Clyne and Roy Merritt were all in Brooklyn in 2008, making the jump to Double-A just one year later.

Best of luck to all the former Cyclones as they make their way up the ladder.

-- Dave

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Lisa Gav said...

Congrats to all the players who've moved up!
Every time I've gotten the chance to say "Hi" to a player one-on-one, they've been really gracious.

Ramirez in particular I remember from the 2007 Ladies' Clinic - he (like all the Clinic players and staff) was patient but not patronizing to a group of Ladies with skill levels ranging from nonexistent to almost-pro.